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Air Belt Conveyors — Your Best Air Belt Conveyors

Air Belt Conveyors

 About Air Belt Conveyors

¬ consist of a metal trough in which the conveyor
belt is supported on a film of air supplied
from a pressurized plenum beneath the trough.
This leads to smooth movement of product
and a reduction in power consumption,dust
generation, noise and component wear.

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China Weighing & Packaging Machinery in partnership with Aerobelt Australia Pty Ltd, manufactures locally the Air Belt Conveyor for China. Aerobelt Australia has been building Air Belt Conveyor since 1997, they have installed over 278 conveyors in varying lengths and sizes.

We welcome you to our technology center where we are able to test and design a suitable air belt conveyor to suit your specific product , location / area and of course budget.

Aerobelt Australia has installed many conveyors throughout Australia, India, China and New Zealand across a diverse range of industries. Products carried on Air Belt Conveyors include, Coal, Grain, Rice, Alumina, Sand, Sugar, Urea, Woodchip, Manganese, Ammonium Nitrate, Limestone and many others.


How They Work
Design Advantages
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